Plant Systems Biology

The Plant Systems Biology Graduate Program aims to train each student to span the full range from molecular biology and genomics research at the bench to computer-based data analysis and model building. Research training clusters emphasize five rapidly emerging and important areas of plant cellular signaling, with meaningful integration of each to a nuclear cluster of bioinformatics, biostatistics, and computational biology. The five plant systems we emphasize are Plant Defense, Organelle Biology, Epigenetic Signals, Metabolite Signals, and Plant Development.

The capability to fully integrate molecular biology and genomics research with excellent training in computational biology and bioinformatics prepares students for future academic and industrial research job markets. A systems biology approach to understanding an organism encompasses the future of biological research, providing powerful means for modulating gene expression with the ability to predict outcome. We envision that students from this program will be highly competitive for research opportunities in academia and in industrial research areas ranging from agricultural to pharmaceutical.

Our students will be equipped for positions ranging from laboratory research and teaching to computational biology and computer program development. This PhD degree is conferred through the School of Biological Sciences.

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Xinrong Ma in Dr. Cerutti's lab

Xinrong Ma in Dr. Cerutti's lab.